Data Communication & Networking MCQs Set-2

1. Which protocol layer uses the protocols are WWW, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, e-mail etc
  • Application Layer Protocol
  • Transport Layer Protocol
  • Internet Layer Protocol
  • Hardware Layer
2. The internetworking protocol is known as
  • SMTP
  • PPP
  • TCP/IP 
  • NNTP
3. If single computer network is divided into segments and router are added between them it forms an
  • Internet
  • Internetwork 
  • Network
  • Internetworking
4. Check sum is used for
  • Error correction
  • Error detection 
  • Both a & b
  • None of these
5. The type of packet format supported by X.25 are as follows
  • Control packet
  • Data packet
  • Both a & b 
  • None of these
6. ISDN stands for
  • Integrated Service Digital Network 
  • Interaction System Digital Network
  • Inexpensive System Digital Network
  • None of these
7. If routing information is automatically updated by routers when changes are made to the network configuration are called
  • Fixed routing
  • Dynamic routing 
  • Both a & b
  • Distributed routing
8. ARP stands for
  • Address Resolution Protocol 
  • Address Routing Protocol
  • Address Routing Packet
  • Address Routing Program
9. If two or more routers are connected to the same subnet, the network administration determines which of the routers the messages should be sent to eliminate this problem._____ are used
  • MAC messages
  • ICMP messages
  • INDP messages
  • IMCP messages
10. If two or more routers are available in distributed routing, which route should be selected
  • High possible cost
  • Least possible cost
  •  Link cost
  • Both b & c