Data Communication Principles


Hello Friends today we are discussing about the data communication so we are covering the topic our introduction to communication system, characteristics of its components, the Data presentation and data flow ,so we starting from the first that is introduction ,so first question is what is communication?

Communication is sharing of information from one node to another or we can say transmission of information from sender to receiver through some medium so data communication is sharing of Information through some medium from receiver to sender, sender to receiver, there are basically two types of communication that is local or remote communication and local communication usually Occur face to face communications and global or remote communication. we just have gone through the the concept of communication, now let’s talk about the communication system, communication system, it is a system through which communication is done or it has a system through which Transmission and the processing of data occurs, there’s a two things which are required for communication first just physical equipment second a software, software basically is Program or some application through which communication occurs on particular equipment.
a physical pathway or some medium through which communication is done like wire cables or some physical optical cables extra .

Characteristics of communication there are different characteristics of communication.
Below is the list of those characteristics
1. Delivery-Data should be delivered to the correct receiver
2. Accuracy-Data should be delivered accurately and no data should be lost in the process of communication
3. Timelineness-Data should be delivered on Time without delay
4. Jitter-It is the variation in the packet arrival time

Now let’s See the Component of Data communication system
1. Message-the actual content
2. Sender-The party who sending the information
3. Receiver-The Party who is receiving the information or we can say message
4. Transmission Medium-it is the path on which message can travel, it may wired or wired less medium
5. Protocol– it is the set or rules used by the sender and receiver to communicate data

Now let’s understand the Term DATA FLOW
Data flow :it is the way data can flow between sender and receiver

Data can flow in the following manner
1. Simplex: in this type of communication data can flow in only direction, ie at a time only one device can send information and another one only receive the information
For example a cpu send data while a monitor only receives data.

2. Half Duplex:in half duplex both device can receive and transmit data but they can not do at the same time, ie when one deivce is sending data other can only receive. Example: A walkie-talkie

3. Full Duplex :In this mode of transmission both stations or devices can transmit and receive at the same time. Example: mobile phones

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