Microprocessors MCQs Set-6

1. Which are the factor of cache memory:
  • Architecture of the microprocessor
  • Properties of the programs being executed
  • ize organization of the cache
  • All of these
2. ________ is usually the first level of memory access by the microprocessor:
  • Cache memory
  • Data memory
  • Main memory
  • All of these
3. Which is the small amount of high‐ speed memory used to work directly with the microprocessor:
  • Cache
  • Case
  • Cost
  • Coos
4. The cache usually gets its data from the_________ whenever the instruction or data is required by the CPU:
  • Main memory
  • Case memory
  • Cache memory
  • All of these
5. Microprocessor reference that are available in the cache are called______:
  • Cache hits
  • Cache line
  • Cache memory
  • All of these
6. Microprocessor reference that are not available in the cache are called_________:
  • Cache hits
  • Cache line
  • Cache misses
  • Cache memory
7. Which causes the microprocessor to immediately terminate its present activity:
  • RESET signal
  • INTERUPT signal
  • Both
  • None of these
8. Which is responsible for all the outside world communication by the microprocessor:
  • BIU
  • PIU
  • TIU
  • LIU
9. INTR: it implies the__________ signal:
10. Which of the following are the two main components of the CPU?
  • Control Unit and Registers
  • Registers and Main Memory
  • Control unit and ALU
  • ALU and bus