Types Of Computers


Hello Readers ,Before Beginning with Types of computers Lets Quickly Recall our study in the previous slide, previously we have gone through the Data,Information,hardware,Software and Types of memories and Evolution of Computers ,In this Section Lets look at Computers classification on the basis of their size, functioning and processing capabilities.

According the way it functioning, Computers were classified into following categories

  1. analog: the type of computers in which continuously
    variable physical quantities, such as electrical potential, hydraulic quantities, or mechanical
    motion, are used to in the problem to be solved are known as analog computers.
  2. digital: These computers deal with data in the form of binary ie 0 and 1. They mainly operate by
    counting and performing arithmetic & logical operations on numeric data.
  3. hybrid: These computers use both analog and digital technology .digital section of computer deal with arithmetic  and logical operation of the system.

According to the size ,computers were classified into following categories

  1. Palmtop: also known as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), which are small, lightweight and tightly integrated computers. it does not contain keyboards but it depends on touch screen technology for user-input.
  2. laptops and notebooks are portable computers. They include a battery that provides
    electrical backup for a long period of time.
  3. Personal computer (PC) is small in size and is designed for general use by a single
  4. desktop computer is not portable.
    A desktop computer is a PC built for high performance and heavy workload. It helps in
    faster rendering of complex graphics.They are more reliable and have less downtime.
  5. Micro-computers came into picture with the invention of the micro-processor. They are
    not so expensive. The personal computer is a micro-computer.
  6. Mini computers It provide more power than micro computers in terms of speed and
    storage capacity. They are also less expensive. Their performance is also lower than that
    of mainframes.
  7. Mainframe computers it can also process data at very high speeds, but less than that of super computers. they are used in banking, airlines and railways etc.
  8. a supercomputer is the fastest type of computer. They are used for specialized
    applications that require large amounts of mathematical calculations. These computers are used
    in solving problems involving weather forecasting, climate research etc.


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