Influencers play a significant role in your overall growth on a famous platform like Instagram. Whether you have a profile where you provide services. Or you have a social media store on Instagram where you sell products; influencers are a great source of marketing. When you collaborate with the influencers, they are ready to share your offerings with their own fan following. However, finding the right influencers on various platforms is still a game. Therefore, this short article will explain how you can reach Influencers even outside Instagram and on which platforms you can collaborate with them. Don’t skip reading till the end.

What Platforms Can Find Influencers on Except Instagram?

Instagram has thousands of Influencers’ profiles. With these, you can easily collaborate and grow your Instagram followers in no time.

But if Instagram is costly, or you want your Social Media Store to be known even beyond Instagram, where can you find the right influencer marketing? In that case, I’ve dug the internet and found some top places where you can find, collaborate and expand your reach to a wider audience with the help of Social Media Influencers.

YouTube Influencers

After Google, YouTube is the second largest Search Engine in the world. There are thousands of YouTube channels created by a large number of influencers.

Some of them do vlogging and personal stuff sharing just to engage with their audience and spread their content to the YouTube community.

So, if you ever feel the need to connect with influencers outside Instagram, YouTube is your best shot to consider.

You can send emails showcasing what you want to your targeted influencers. On YouTube, you can ask these influencers to review your products or services by offering a certain fee.

Or you can send your products as a gift to such influencers. Always look for YouTubers who are interested in reviewing gadgets or other beauty or health-related products. These people will be the perfect part to target and engage with more audiences through YouTube content sharing.

TikTok Marketplace

After YouTube, if you want to see short-form content and vertical videos we call reels, TikTok is the best place to consider. It is also great to increase your TikTok fan following.

At TikTok, influencers like Khaby Lame have millions of followers. You can pre-define those targeted influencers as whether you want to target between 1000 to 500K followers’ influencers.

Or do you want to collaborate with the ones having millions of followers? After deciding, TikTok will provide you with a broad list of influencers with whom you can share the same growth goals.

You can ask them to review your products, do affiliate marketing with your products, or share their live reviews based on their recent experience with your offerings. All of this will build brand awareness for your store on Instagram. And your requirements to collaborate with influencers outside Instagram will be fulfilled.


Snapchat also has a high user following. It is mostly covered and used by the Youngest, Gen Z generation.

On Snapchat, millions of Influencers share their daily life updates with their viewers and followers. Gen Z is always interested in knowing what is happening in the life of their favorite celebrity or merely an influencer.

So, if you want to go outside the Instagram barriers, Snapchat is another great place to find influencers.

For Instagram store growth, do targeting and then collaborate with such influencers. When you do this, it will help you increase conversions.

People will trust your products and services because of the mouth-spoken words of those influencers. Also, you will be able to drive Gen Z to your Instagram Store, which is very helpful for Instagram Store business growth.

Snack Video

Ever heard of the Snack video? If not, Google it right now because it can be a great place to find plenty of influencers.

Even at Snack video, people have profiles with millions of Followers. These followers watch, like, comment, and share their influencer’s content on the Snack Video app.

Therefore, download this app today, create an account, and go for promotional Snack video influencer marketing.


Facebook comes right after Instagram. And it is an absolute thing that an Instagram influencer will definitely have an account on Facebook, too.

Therefore, if you want to collaborate with the same influencer on Facebook which you have on Instagram, it is a great practice to bring a more loyal audience to your store.

The same influencer on Instagram can share his story, short reel, and other forms of content on Facebook about your store branding.

This way, their Facebook audience will know about you and will be eager to make their first purchase.


Twitter isn’t really into Influencer kind of stuff.  But beyond Instagram, you can also explore Twitter to find influencers with millions of followers.

You will see how a single tweet from a million followers accounts about your Instagram store will change your dynamics.

People will love to find out what you are offering. Plus, if they find it related, they would be highly willing to make a purchase.

Last Words:

Hence, these are some famous platforms beyond Instagram that you can hop on. Your Instagram store can find multiple influencers from these places. Ultimately, this will bring reasonable growth to the store and increase your sales with a lasting impact. Just explore these platforms and collaborate with influencers before it’s too late!

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