In this ever-changing Digital Landscape, the cores of using Social Media ads are also changing. Where other Social Media Platforms offer great sustainability and productive business growth, LinkedIn stands at the top. It’s a perfect marketplace if you want to target Professional businesses. For the growth of social media stores this happens with the help of LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn ads serve as a powerful source for helping you connect with other businesses around the world.

With this, not only you can spread your brand’s message. But you have a chance to connect B2B relationships with others. This thriving guide will explain how using LinkedIn Ads can serve faster growth to your social media store.

All Types of LinkedIn Ads For Targeting Professionals for B2B Social Media Stores

Before diving into creating your own LinkedIn ads campaign, let’s understand the type of LinkedIn Ads you can create for targeting B2B Social media stores.

LinkedIn is a place that offers multiple ad formats.

These are designed to collaborate with the diverse needs of B2B marketing. Here, every type of advertising serves a perfect purpose and can be utilized on demand. The top-known LinkedIn ad strategies include the following:

1. Sponsored Content

Just like any other place on social media, sponsored content or Sponsored ads flow through the LinkedIn Feed. These include a perfect combination of content, multimedia elements like Videos and Graphics, and sometimes, sound.


With this type of LinkedIn ad, you can build dynamic brand awareness, target professionals, and send your message to a wide range of B2B audiences. This also drives engagement and increases your LinkedIn Profile followers in no time when you target the right market.

2. Understanding Text Ads

Next comes text ads. Text ads are used as the most cost-effective way of advertising on LinkedIn to target B2B professionals.

These ads either appear on the right-hand side or at the top of LinkedIn Feed on Desktop devices.

You can add headlines, short text, descriptions, and small images to create perfect Text Ads.


These types of ads also serve a great purpose of driving traffic to your website. You can promote your Social Media Store products and services.

Along with that, you become able to dominate the business market and target other relevant professionals.

3. What About Dynamic LinkedIn Ads

We name them personalized display advertisements that get adjusted to a specific user’s needs whenever he wants to see them.

These types of ads on LinkedIn serve best in showcasing LinkedIn profile data. They also serve in showing a company profile, and a specific job description.

Also, with other elements to create some of the best dynamic and engagement elements on LinkedIn.


With these ads, companies can work to increase their followers on profiles, do hiring, content downloads, or increase Social Media Store visitors. All of this comes with showing dynamic content that serves the user’s needs.

4. Carousel Ads on LinkedIn

Do you often browse LinkedIn and See those posts with a series of photos that you can interact with? That’s what we call Carousel Ads on LinkedIn.

People create multiple images and publish them in swipe series so that other people can learn the messages.

Here, each picture or card can have a specific headline, description text, and unique message pasted on an image with unique colors and fonts. Besides, these cards do include destination URLs.


For your Social Media Store growth, you can use these Carousel ads to showcase multiple products, guide the users about a process, or tell a unique brand story. With each interaction, there is a new message to learn for your targeted B2B professionals.

5. Sponsored InMail LinkedIn Ads

Sponsored InMail LinkedIn ads are sponsored messages that are sent directly to your targeted audience’s inboxes on the platform.

With this strategy, the Social Media Store owners can run effective On-to-One campaigns and target individuals who belong to some specific segments or live as individuals.


The main purpose of using InMail Ads is to reach those people who are highly interested in your story. You can spread messages about new product launches, webinars, game shows, effective community sessions, or anything your target individual is interested in.

6. Using Lead Gen Forms on LinkedIn

When you combine the Sponsored Content and InMail Ad content together, you create Lead Gen forms that serve best in simplifying the lead generation process for users.

Clicking an ad on LinkedIn with an embedded Lead Gen form by a user helps them easily fill that form with the pre-existing information on their profile.

Users won’t have to bring new data or fill out the form from the start. For capturing high-quality leads, you can use lead gen forms for B2B professionals. This also helps you count people interested in your new product launch. Or bringing a new campaign.

Last Words:

With all these LinkedIn ad methods, you can achieve your desired goals for that Social Media Store while targeting the B2B professionals. Always use the best strategy and reach your target audience to showcase your brand message. Ultimately, your generated leads will convert into loyal conversions, and you will be able to reach your specific LinkedIn Marketing objective!

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