Database Management System MCQs Set-10

  1. 1. A subschema expresses
    • the logical view.
    • the physical view.
    • the external view.
    • all of the above
  2. 2. Count function in SQL returns the number of
    • values
    • distinct values.
    • groups
    • columns
  3. 3. Which one of the following statements is false?
    • The data dictionary is normally maintained by the database administrator.
    • Data elements in the database can be modified by changing the data dictionary.
    • The data dictionary contains the name and description of each data element.
    • The data dictionary is a tool used exclusively by the database administrator.
  4. 4. An advantage of the database management approach is
    • data is dependent on programs.
    • data redundancy increases.
    •  data is integrated and can be accessed by multiple programs
    • None
  5. 5. A DBMS query language is designed to
    • support end users who use English-like commands
    • support in the development of complex applications software.
    • specify the structure of a database.
    • all of the above.
  6. 6. TrAnsaction processing is associated with everything below except
    • producing detail, summary, or exception reports.
    • recording a business activity.
    • confirming an action or triggering a response.
    • maintaining data.
  7. 7. It is possible to define a schema completely using
    • VDL and DDL.
    • DDL and DML.
    • SDL and DDL.
    • VDL and DML.
  8. 8. The method of access which uses key trAnsformation is known as
    • direct
    • hash
    • random
    • sequential
  9. 9. Data independence meAns
    • data is defined separately and not included in programs.
    • programs are not dependent on the physical attributes of data.
    • programs are not dependent on the logical attributes of data
    • both (B) and (C).
  10. 10. The statement in SQL which allows to change the definition of a table is
    • Alter
    • Update
    • Create
    • select

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