Algorithm and Flowcharts MCQs Set-8 Contain the randomly compiled multiple choice Questions and answers from various reference books and Questions papers for those who is preparing for the various competitive exams and interviews. 


. Which of the following can be replaced by if
  • switch
  • while
  • continue
  • for
. Which of the following statement is useful while writing menu driven programs
  • while
  • break
  • switch
  • if
. Which of the following is self contained block of statements that perform a coherent task of some kind?
  • function
  • loop
  • statement
  • body of program
. The function gets called when the function name is followed by
  • colon
  • semicolon
  • statement
  • braket
. The mechanism used to convey information to the function is the
  • Argument
  • commands
  • loops
  • statements

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