Cyber Security Tutorials
Before Moving Ahead with the Cyber Security and Internet/Network Security tutorials, Lets have a look at what we will learn in these Topics.

By the end of this Subject, We will be able to learn:

  • Cyber Security Basic Terms like Viruses, Trojan horse malware, spam, hackers, and crackers etc.
  • Software licensing.
  • Freeware and open source software.
  • Shareware software.
  • Copyright and licensing.
  • Term cyber-ethics, cyber-safety, and cyber security.
  • Use of cookies.
  • Cyber ethics evolution.
  • List precautions that can be taken to ensure cyber safety.
  • Identify the different kinds of threats to cyber security.
  • Ethical behavior to be followed as a cyber citizen.
  • Categories of cyber crime.

Cyber Security – Basic terminology

Here in this Cyber Security – Basic terminology Tutorial we are going to learn about what is Security Threats and Safety and Measures,Viruses,Macro viruses,WormS,Trojan Horses,Spyware,Malware,Hackers and Crackers,Anti Virus tools,Ethical Hacking,WIFI Hotspot,BotNet etc.

Network Security

Before we study these in greater detail about Network Security, there are certain fundamental terminology and concepts that must be understood,in this tutorial we will learn about Copyright and license,Software licensing,open Source, freeware and Shareware,Cookies,firewall,phishing,stalking,security breaches,denial of service (dos) attacks,session hijacking,dns poisoning,Cyber Crimes etc.

Types of software licenses and Cyber laws

In this tutorial we will learn about Types of software licenses and Cyber laws,Proprietary license,GNU general Public licenses,End user license agreement,Workstation licenses,Concurrent use licenses,Site licenses,Perpetual licenses,Non-perpetual licenses,License with Maintenance,Cyber law etc.

Cyber safety guidelines

In following cyber safety guidelines a user will recognize online risks, make informed decisions, and take appropriate actions to protect himself while using technology, technology systems, digital media and information technology. He would adhere to privacy and safety guidelines, policies, and procedures

Cyber Security – Types of Cyber Crimes

In this tutorial we will learn about Types of Cyber Crimes,General Intrusions,Nuisances (usually non-violent activities),Personal Identity Theft (using someone else’s name or credit),Theft of Intellectual Property (stealing ideas or creations of others),Physical or Mental Damage ETC.