What is Database?

Database is storage of Digital data,It is repository that stores information about different things and also contains relationships among those different things . we can define database is a collection of related information so that it is available to many users for different purposes .

  1. It is a organized collection of data
  2. It is simply one or more table of data that are organised and stored in a very structured way.
  3. It is collection of interrelated data stored with minimum redundancy to serve many users Efficiently so the users can perform variety of operation on DBMS.

here are some of the example of operation performed on DBMS.

  1. Adding new table into database
  2. Inserting data into existing table
  3. Retrieving Data from existing table
  4. Changing data into existing table
  5. Deleting Data from table
  6. Removing the existing table from DBMS

Now lets see how data is organised

Three Layer Data Architecture

To Centralize the mountain of data scattered throughout the organization and make it readily available for efficient use,Data is organised in the following layered Structure

  1. Operational Data- Data are stored in various operational systems throughout the organization
  2. Reconciled Data- Data are stored in the organization warehouse.they are detailed and current data,which is intended as the single ,authoritative source for all decision support application.
  3. Derived Data- Data are selected .formatted and aggregated for end-user decision support application

Three Layer Data Architecture

Whats is Data/Information?

Data and information are closely related and are often interchangeably used. information is processed ,organised or summarized data.it may be defined as collection of related data that when put together ,communicate meaningful and useful message to a recipient who use it, to make decision or to interpret data to get the meaningful result.

What is Data Warehouse?

Data warehouse is a repository of an organizations electronically stored data. Data ware house are designed to facilitate reporting and analysis.

In the next tutorial we will learn in detail about the data-ware houses to answer the following Questions that may arise into your mind.

1.Give the advantage and disadvantage of data warehousing.

2.Explain the Data warehousing architecture?

3.Objective of Data warehouse?

4.Difference Between Data warehouse and Database?

5.Difference between Data warehouse and OLTP Database?

Meanwhile we will also understand some DBMS terminology like

1.What is Data staging?

2.What is Data mining?

3.What is Data Mart?

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