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1.Define IP ?
Ans: Internetwork protocol (IP) is the transmission mechanism used by TCP/IP protocol.It is an
unreliable and connectionless datagram protocol.It provides no error checking and tracking.


2.What do you mean by client server model ?
Ans: In client server model ,the client runs a program to request a service and the server runs a
program to provide the service.These two programs communicate with each other. One server
program can provide services to many client programs.


3.What are the information that a computer attached to a TCP/IP internet must possesses

Ans: Each computer attached to TCP/IP must possesses the following information
• Its IP addesss
• Its subnet mask
• The IP addesss of the router.
• The Ip address of the name server.


4.What is domain name system(DNS)?
Ans: Domain Name System (DNS )is a client server application that identifies each host on the
internet with a unique user friendly name.


5.What is TELNET ?
Ans: TELNET is a client –server application that allows a user to log on to a remote
machine,giving the user access to the remote system. TELNET is an abbreviation of terminal


6.What do you mean by local login and remote login ?
Ans: When a user logs into a local time-sharing system ,it is called local login. When a user
wants to access an application program or utility located on a remote machine,he or she performs
remote login.


7.What is Network Virtual Terminal ?
Ans: A universal interface provided by TELNET is called Network Virtual Terminal(NVT)
character set.Via this interface TELNET translates characters (data or command) that come from
local terminal into NVT form and delivers them to the network.


8.What do you mean by Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ?
Ans: The TCP/IP protocol that supports electronic mail on the internet is called Simple Mail
Transfer Protocol.SMTP provides for mail exchange between users on the same or different
computer and supports Sending a single message to one or more recipient Sending message that
include text, voice,video,or graphics.Sending message to users on network outside the internet.


9.What is Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP) ?
Ans: It is the main protocol used to access data on the World Wide Web .the protocol transfers
data in the form of plain text,hypertext,audio,video,and so on. It is so called because its
efficiency allows its use in a hypertext environment where there are rapid jumps from one
document to another.


10.What is URL ?
Ans: It is a standard for specifying any kind of information on the World Wide Web.



11. What is World Wide Web ?
Ans: World Wide Web is a repository of information spread all over the world and linked
together.It is a unique combination of flexibility,portability,and user-friendly features .The
World Wide Web today is a distributed client-server service,in which a client using a browser
can access a service using a server.The service provided is distributed over many locations called
web sites.


12.What is HTML ?
Ans: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a language for creating static web pages

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