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1. Which of these are valid software configuration items?

  • case tools
  • documentation
  • executable programs
  • test data
  • All of the above.

2. Which of the following is not considered one of the four important elements that should exist when a configuration management system is developed?

  • component elements
  • human elements
  • process elements
  • validation elements

3. Once a software engineering work product becomes a baseline it cannot be changed again.

4. Which configuration objects would not typically be found in the project database?

  • design specification
  • marketing data
  • organizational structure description
  • test plans
  • b and c

5. Modern software engineering practices usually attempt to maintain SCI’s in a project database or repository.

6. A data repository meta model is used to determine how

  • information is stored in the repository
  • well data integrity can be maintained
  • easily the existing model can be extended
  • all of the above

7. Many data repository requirements are the same as those for a typical database application.

8. The ability to track relationships and changes to configuration objects is one of the most important features of the SCM repository.

9. Which of the following tasks is not part of software configuration management?

  • change control
  • reporting
  • statistical quality control
  • version control

10. A basic configuration object is a __________ created by a software engineer during some phase of the software development process

  • program data structure
  • hardware driver
  • unit of information
  • all of the above

11. Version control systems establish a change set as part of their primary functionality.

12. Change control is not necessary if a development group is making use of an automated project database tool.

13. When software configuration management is a formal activity the software configuration audit is conducted by the

  • development team
  • quality assurance group
  • senior managers
  • testing specialists

14. The primary purpose of configuration status reporting is to

  • allow revision of project schedule and cost estimates by project managers
  • evaluate the performance of software developers and organizations
  • make sure that change information is communicated to all affected parties
  • none of the above

15. Configuration issues that need to be considered when developing Web and Mobile Apps include:

  • content
  • cost
  • people
  • politics
  • a, b, c

16. Web and Mobile App configuration objects can be managed in much the same way as conventional software configuration objects except for:

  • content items
  • functional items
  • graphic items
  • user items

17. Content management establishes a process by which Web content is rendered on the user’s display screen.

18. Change management for Web and Mobile Apps is best handled in agile manner.

19. One reason that version control is difficult for WebApps is that in an uncontrolled environment, you can have multiple authors making changes to the same files from multiple locations without any realizing it.

20. Requiring developers to check Web configuration items in and out and sending affected stakeholders e-mail messages automatically are good ways to deal with configuration auditing and reporting for WebApps.

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