Operating Systems MCQs Set-6

1. In FIFO page replacement algorithm, when a page must be replaced
  • oldest page is chosen
  • newest page is chosen
  • random page is chosen
  • none of the mentioned
2. ______ is a unique tag, usually a number, identifies the file within the file system.
  • File identifier
  • File name
  • File type
  • none of the mentioned
3. To create a file
  • allocate the space in file system
  • make an entry for new file in directory
  • both (a) and (b)
  • none of the mentioned
4. By using the specific system call, we can
  • open the file
  • read the file
  • write into the file
  • all of the mentioned
5. File type can be represented by
  • file name
  • file extension
  • file identifier
  • none of the mentioned
6. Mapping of file is managed by
  • file metadata
  • page table
  • virtual memory
  • file system
7. file system fragmentation occurs when
  • unused space or single file are not contiguous
  • used space is not contiguous
  • unused space is non-contiguous
  • multiple files are non-contiguous
8. If one or more devices use a common set of wires to communicate with the computer system, the connection is called ______.
  • CPU
  • Monitor
  • wirefull
  • bus
9. A ________ is a collection of electronics that can operate a port, a bus, or a device.
  • controller
  • driver
  • host
  • bus
10. An I/O port typically consists of four registers status, control, ________ and ________ registers.
  • system in, system out
  • data in, data out
  • flow in, flow out
  • input, output