Operating Systems MCQs Set-9

  1. 1. What is thrashing?
    • A high paging activity is called thrashing.
    • A high executing activity is called thrashing
    • A extremely long process is called thrashing
    • A extremely long virtual memory is called thrashing
  2. 2. Symptoms of swap-file problems include extremely slow system speed and a disk that is constantly being accessed, which is referred to as ______________.
    • Clocking
    • Thrashing
    • Booting
    • Filtering
  3. 3. What hole will allocates in “Worst-Fit” algorithm of memory management?
    • It allocates the smaller hole than required memory hole
    • It allocates the smallest hole from the available memory holes
    • It allocates the largest hole from the available memory holes
    • It allocates the exact same size memory hole
  4. 4. Which of the following is the allocation method of a disk space?
    • Contiguous allocation
    • Linked allocation
    • Indexed allocation
    • All of the Above
  5. 5. Which of the following concept is best to preventing page faults?
    • Paging
    • The working set
    • Hit ratios
    • Address location resolution
  6. 6. Poor response time are usually caused by
    • Process busy
    • High I/O rates
    • High paging rate
    • Any of the above
  7. 7. Virtual memory typically located on
    • RAM
    • CPU
    • Flash card
    • Hard drive
  8. 8. What is contained in the page table?
    • Base address of each frame and corresponding page number
    • Memory address and corresponding page number
    • File name and corresponding page number
    • None of Above
  9. 9. Tree structure displays the
    • File only
    • Directory only
    • File and directory name
    • None of above
  10. 10. Multiprogramming systems:
    • Are easier to develop than single programming systems
    • Execute each job faster
    • Execute more jobs in the same time period
    • Are used only one large mainframe computers.

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