History of Operating Systems

It all started with computer hardware in about 1945s. Computers were using vacuum tube technology. Programs were loaded into memory manually using switches, punched cards, or paper Read More »

Basic Concept of Processes

Definition: A process is an executing program, including the current values of the program counter, registers, and variables.The subtle difference between a process and a program Read More »

Process States

we have already read the concept of process ,not let us see what it is process states, please check the below figure     States Read More »

Process Scheduler

What is Scheduler in Operating System ? If we consider batch systems, there will often be more processes submitted than the number of processes that can Read More »

OS Dirty bit

Why Dirty Bit? What is Dirty Bit? In order to reduce the page fault service time, a special bit called the dirty bit can be associated Read More »

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