Data Communication & Networking MCQs Set-2

This Portion of Data Communication and Networking contains more frequently asked MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions and Answers) / Objective Type Questions and Answers in the various Competitive Examinations.

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. Which protocol layer uses the protocols are WWW, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, e-mail etc
  • Application Layer Protocol
  • Transport Layer Protocol
  • Internet Layer Protocol
  • Hardware Layer
. The internetworking protocol is known as
  • SMTP
  • PPP
  • TCP/IP 
  • NNTP
. If single computer network is divided into segments and router are added between them it forms an
  • Internet
  • Internetwork 
  • Network
  • Internetworking
. Check sum is used for
  • Error correction
  • Error detection 
  • Both a & b
  • None of these
. The type of packet format supported by X.25 are as follows
  • Control packet
  • Data packet
  • Both a & b 
  • None of these
. ISDN stands for
  • Integrated Service Digital Network 
  • Interaction System Digital Network
  • Inexpensive System Digital Network
  • None of these
. If routing information is automatically updated by routers when changes are made to the network configuration are called
  • Fixed routing
  • Dynamic routing 
  • Both a & b
  • Distributed routing
. ARP stands for
  • Address Resolution Protocol 
  • Address Routing Protocol
  • Address Routing Packet
  • Address Routing Program
. If two or more routers are connected to the same subnet, the network administration determines which of the routers the messages should be sent to eliminate this problem._____ are used
  • MAC messages
  • ICMP messages
  • INDP messages
  • IMCP messages
. If two or more routers are available in distributed routing, which route should be selected
  • High possible cost
  • Least possible cost
  •  Link cost
  • Both b & c

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