Data Communication & Networking MCQs Set-9

This Portion of Data Communication and Networking contains more frequently asked MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions and Answers) / Objective Type Questions and Answers in the various Competitive Examinations.

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. What is the main function of the transport layer?
  • Node-To-Node Delivery
  • Process-To-Process Message Delivery
  • Synchronization
  • Updating And Maintenance Of Routing Tables
. Session layer checkpoints _____
  • allow just a portion of a file to be resent
  • control the addition of the headers
  • detect and recover errors
  • are involved in dialog control
. To deliver a message to the correct application program running on a host , the _______ address must be consulted.
  • port
  • IP
  • physical
  • tunnel
. When a host on network A sends a message to a host on network B, which address does the router look at?
  • Port
  • Physical
  • IP
  • Tunnel
. Which of the following is possible in a taken passing bus network?
  • In-service expansion
  • Unlimited number of stations
  • Unlimited distance
  • Limited distance
. One important characteristics of the hub architecture of ARC-net is
  • directionalized transmission
  • access control and addressing
  • multiple virtual networks
  • alternative routing.
. What is the main purpose of a data link content mirror?
  •  To detect problems in protocol
  • To determine the type of switching used in a data link
  • To determine the type of transmission used in a data link
  • To determine the flow of data.
. Which of the following is not a standard synchronous communication protocol?
  • SDLC
  • SLIP
  • SMTP
  • PAS
. IPV6 has _____ bit addresses.
  • 32
  • 4
  • 128
  • variable
. In fiber optics,the signal source is ______ waves.
  • light
  • infrared
  • radio
  • very low frequency.

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