Data can be entered & displayed in a particular format. Through format specifications, better presentation of results can be obtained

Variations in Output for integer & floats:

int main()
printf("Case 1:%6d\n",9876);
/* Prints the number right justified within 6 columns */
printf("Case 2:%3d\n",9876);
/* Prints the number to be right justified to 3 columns but, there are 
4 digits so number is not
right justified */
printf("Case 3:%.2f\n",987.6543);
/* Prints the number rounded to two decimal places */
printf("Case 4:%.f\n",987.6543);
/* Prints the number rounded to 0 decimal place, i.e, rounded to integer */
printf("Case 5:%e\n",987.6543);
/* Prints the number in exponential notation (scientific notation) */
return 0;
Case 1: 9876
Case 2:9876
Case 3:987.65
Case 4:988
Case 5:9.876543e+002

Variations in Input for integer and floats:

int main()
int a,b;
float c,d;
printf("Enter two intgers: ");
/*Two integers can be taken from user at once as below*/
printf("Enter intger and floating point numbers: ");
/*Integer and floating point number can be taken at once from user as below*/
return 0;

Similarly, any number of inputs can be taken at once from user.

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