Computer Architecture MCQs Set-10

1. A ___________development system and an ______are essential tools for writing large assembly language programs.
  • Microprocessor, assembler
2. In an operation performed by the ALU, carry bit is set to 1 if the end carry C 8 is ________. It is cleared to 0 (zero) if the carry is ______ _______.
  • One, zero
3. A successive A/D converter is
  • a high-speed converter.
  • a low speed converter.
  • a medium speed converter.
  • none of these.
4. When necessary, the results are transferred from the CPU to main memory by
  • I/O devices.
  • CPU
  • shift registers.
  • none of these.
5. A combinational logic circuit which sends data coming from a single source to two or more separate destinations is
  • Decoder
  • Encoder
  • Multiplexer
  • Demultiplexer
6. In which addressing mode the operand is given explicitly in the instruction
  • Absolute
  • Immediate 
  • Indirect
  • Direct
7. A stack organized computer has
  • Three-address Instruction.
  • Two-address Instruction.
  • One-address Instruction.
  • Zero-address Instruction.
8. A Program Counter contains a number 825 and address part of the instruction contains the number 24. The effective address in the relative address mode, when an instruction is read from the memory is
  • 849
  • 850
  • 801
  • 802
9. A page fault
  • Occurs when there is an error in a specific page.
  • Occurs when a program accesses a page of main memory.
  • Occurs when a program accesses a page not currently in main memory.
  • Occurs when a program accesses a page belonging to another program.
10. In a program using subroutine call instruction, it is necessary______.
  • initialize program counter
  • Clear the accumulator
  • Reset the microprocessor
  • Clear the instruction register