Computer Architecture MCQs Set-5

1. n bits in operation code imply that there are ___________ possible distinct operators
  • 2n
  • n/2
  • n^2
2. _________ register keeps tracks of the instructions stored in program stored in memory
  • AR (Address Register)
  • XR (Index Register)
  • PC (Program Counter)
  • AC (Accumulator)
3. Memory unit accessed by content is called
  • Read only memory
  • Programmable Memory
  • Virtual Memory
  • Associative Memory
4. ‘Aging registers’ are
  • Counters which indicate how long ago their associated pages have been referenced.
  • Registers which keep track of when the program was last accessed.
  • Counters to keep track of last accessed instruction.
  • Counters to keep track of the latest data structures referred.
5. The instruction ‘ORG O’ is a
  • Machine Instruction.
  • Pseudo instruction.
  • High level instruction.
  • Memory instruction.
6. Translation from symbolic program into Binary is done in
  • Two passes.
  • Directly
  • Three passes.
  • Four passes.
7. A floating point number that has a O in the MSB of mantissa is said to have
  • Overflow
  • Underflow
  • Important number
  • Undefined
8. The BSA instruction is
  • Branch and store accumulator
  • Branch and save return address
  • Branch and shift address
  • Branch and show accumulator
9. State whether True or False.(i) Arithmetic operations with fixed point numbers take longer time for execution as compared to with floating point numbers. ii) An arithmetic shift left multiplies a signed binary number by 2.
  • Ans: True.Ans: False.
  • Ans: True.Ans: true
  • Ans: false.Ans: true
  • Ans: false.Ans: false
10. Logic gates with a set of input and outputs is arrangement of
  • Combinational circuit
  • Logic circuit
  • Design circuits
  • Register