Digital Electronics MCQs Set-10

1. Each group of adjacent Minterms (group size in powers of twos) corresponds to a possible product term of the given_____________________
  • Function
  • Value
  • Set
  • None of the above
2. How to find the Simplest SOP expression?
  • Circle all odd implicants on the K-map.
  • Identify and delete all essential prime implicants for the cover
  • Select a maximum subset of the remaining prime implicants to complete the cover, that is, to cover those Minterms not covered by the essential prime implicants.
  • None of the above
3. Don’t care conditions can be used for simplifying Boolean expressions in_______________
  • Examples
  • Terms
  • K-maps
  • Either (A) or (B)
4. It should be kept in mind that don’t care terms should be used along with the terms that are present in________________
  • Minterms
  • Maxterm
  • K-Map
  • None of the above
5. _____________ expressions can be implemented using either (1) 2-level AND-OR logic circuits or (2) 2-level NAND logic circuits
  • POS
  • Literals
  • (SOP)
  • All of the above
6. Using the transformation method discussed, you can realize any POS realization of OR-AND with only
  • XOR
  • NAND
  • AND
  • NOR
7. There are many situations in logic design in which simplification of logic expression is possible in terms of XOR and _________________ operations.
  • XNOR
  • XOR
  • NOR
  • All of the above
8. These logic gates are widely used in _______________ design, and therefore are available in IC form.
  • Circuit
  • Digital
  • Analog
  • Block
9. In case of XOR/XNOR simplification, you have to look for the following ____________________
  • Diagonal Adjacencies
  • Offset Adjacencies
  •  Straight Adjacencies
  • Both (A) and (B)
10. Entries known as _______________ mapping.
  • Diagonal
  • Straight
  • K
  • None of the above