Computer Architecture MCQs Set-6

1. MIMD stands for
  • Multiple instruction multiple data
  • Multiple instruction memory data
  • Memory instruction multiple data
  • Multiple information memory data
2. A k-bit field can specify any one of
  • 3k registers
  • 2k registers
  • K2 registers
  • K3 registers
3. The time interval between adjacent bits is called the
  • Word-time
  • Bit-time
  • Turn around time
  • Slice time
4. A group of bits that tell the computer to perform a specific operation is known as
  • Instruction code
  • Micro-operation
  • Accumulator
  • Register
5. The load instruction is mostly used to designate a transfer from memory to a processor register known as
  • Accumulator
  • Instruction Register
  • Program counter
  • Memory address Register
6. he communication between the components in a microcomputer takes place via the address and
  • I/O bus
  • Data bus
  • Address bus
  • Control lines
7. An instruction pipeline can be implemented by means of
  • LIFO buffer
  • FIFO buffer
  • Stack
  • None of the above
8. Data input command is just the opposite of a
  • Test command
  • Control command
  • Data output
  • Data channel
9. A microprogram sequencer
  • generates the address of next micro instruction to be executed.
  • generates the control signals to execute a microinstruction.
  • sequentially averages all microinstructions in the control memory.
  • enables the efficient handling of a micro program subroutine.
10. A binary digit is called a
  • Bit
  • Byte
  • Number
  • Character