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1.Which is the microprocessor comprises:
  • Register section
  • One or more ALU
  • Control unit
  • All of these
2.What is the store by register?
  • data
  • operands
  • memory
  • None of these
3.Accumulator based microprocessor example are:
  • Intel 8085
  • Motorola 6809
  • A and B
  •  None of these
4.A set of register which contain are:
  • data
  • memory addresses
  • result
  • all of these
5.There are primarily two types of register:
  • general purpose register
  • dedicated register
  • A and B
  • none of these
6.Name of typical dedicated register is:
  • PC
  • IR
  • SP
  • All of these
7.BCD stands for:
  • Binary coded decimal
  • Binary coded decoded
  • Both a & b
  • none of these
8.Which is used to store critical pieces of data during subroutines and interrupts:
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Accumulator
  • Data register
9.The data in the stack is called:
  • Pushing data
  • Pushed
  • Pulling
  • None of these
10.The external system bus architecture is created using from ______ architecture:
  • Pascal
  • Dennis Ritchie
  • Charles Babbage
  • Von Neumann

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