This section contains more frequently asked Microprocessors Fundamental MCQs in the various University Level and Competitive Examinations.


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1. Can you tell what passes into and out from the computer via its ports?

  • Data
  • Bytes
  • Graphics
  • Pictures

2. What is the responsibility of the logical unit in the CPU of a computer?

  • To produce result
  • To compare numbers
  • To control flow of information
  • To do math’s works

3. The secondary storage devices can only store data but they cannot perform

  • Arithmetic Operation
  • Logic operation
  • Fetch operations
  • Either of the above

4. Which of the following memories allows simultaneous read and write operations?

  • ROM
  • RAM
  • None of above

5. Which of the following memories has the shortest access times?

  • Cache memory
  • Magnetic bubble memory
  • Magnetic core memory
  • RAM

6. A 32 bit microprocessor has the word length equal to

  • 2 byte
  • 32 byte
  • 4 byte
  • 8 byte

7. An error in computer data is called

  • Chip
  • Bug
  • CPU
  • Storage device

8. The silicon chips used for data processing are called

  • RAM chips
  • ROM chips
  • Micro processors
  • PROM chips

9. The metal disks, which are permanently housed in, sealed and contamination free containers are called

  • Hard disks
  • Floppy disk
  • Winchester disk
  • Flexible disk

10. A computer consists of

  • A central processing unit
  • A memory
  • Input and output unit
  • All of the above
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