The IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless LANs defines two services: basic service set (BSS) and extended service set (ESS).

The access method used in the distributed coordination function (OCF) MAC sublayer is CSMAICA.

The access method used in the point coordination function (PCF) MAC sublayer is polling.

The network allocation vector (NAV) is a timer used for collision avoidance.

The MAC layer frame has nine fields. The addressing mechanism can include up to four addresses.

Wireless LANs use management frames, control frames, and data frames.

IEEE 802.11 defines several physical layers, with different data rates and modulating

Bluetooth is a wireless LAN technology that connects devices (called gadgets) in a
small area.

A Bluetooth network is called a piconet. Multiple piconets fonn a network called a

A Bluetooth network consists of one primary device and up to seven secondary

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