Operating System Long Questions and AnswersHere in this section of Operating System Long Questions and Answers,We have listed out some of the important Long Questions with Answers on Inter Process Communication Mutual exclusion with busy waiting which will help students to answer it correctly in their University Written Exam.

Lists of Long Descriptive type Questions that may be asked in Written Exams.

  • (1) Define following terms.
  • (2) Explain different mechanisms for achieving mutual exclusion with busy waiting.

Question-1 Define following terms.

Race Condition

  • Race condition can be defined as situation where two or more processes are reading or writing some shared data and the final result depends on who runs precisely when (their relative execution order).

Mutual Exclusion

  • It is a way of making sure that if one process is using a shared variable or file; the other process will be excluded (stopped) from doing the same thing.

Turnaround Time

  • Time required to complete execution of process is known as turnaround time.
  • Turnaround time = Process finish time – Process arrival time.


  • Number of processes completed per time unit is called throughput.

Critical Section

  • The part of program or code of segment of a process where the shared resource is accessed is called critical section.

Waiting time

  • It is total time duration spent by a process waiting in ready queue.
  • Waiting time = Turnaround time – Actual execution time.

Response Time

  • It is the time between issuing a command/request and getting output/result.
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