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  • (1) What is Virtual Memory? Explain in brief

Question-1 What is Virtual Memory? Explain in brief.

  • The basic idea behind virtual memory is that each program has its own address space, which is broken up into pages.
  • Each page is a contiguous range of addresses.
  • These pages are mapped onto the physical memory but, to run the program, all pages are not required to be present in the physical memory.
  • The operating system keeps those parts of the program currently in use in main memory, and the rest on the disk.
  • Virtual memory works fine in a multiprogramming system, with bits and pieces of many programs in memory at once.
  • While a program is waiting for part of itself to be brought in, it is waiting for I/O and cannot run, so the CPU can be given to another process.
  • In a system using virtual memory, the physical memory is divided into page frames and the virtual address space is divided in into equally-sized partitions called pages.
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