Deadlock ignorance or Ostrich Algorithm

Lists of Questions Answers and Short Study Notes

  • (1) Explain deadlock ignorance. OR Explain Ostrich Algorithm.


  • Pretend (imagine) that there’s no problem.
  • This is the easiest way to deal with problem.
  • This algorithm says that stick your head in the sand and pretend (imagine) that there is no problem at all.
  • This strategy suggests to ignore the deadlock because deadlocks occur rarely, but system crashes due to hardware failures, compiler errors, and operating system bugs frequently, then not to pay a large penalty in performance or convenience to eliminate deadlocks.


This method is reasonable if

  • Deadlocks occur very rarely
  • Cost of prevention is high
  • UNIX and Windows take this approach
  • Resources (memory, CPU, disk space) are plentiful
  • Deadlocks over such resources rarely occur
  • Deadlocks typically handled by rebooting
  • Trade off between convenience and correctness