Hello Friends,this section is specifically dedicated to those users who wants to get knowledge on Computer Fundamentals concept.Here we have included computer fundamentals multiple choice questions and answers MCQs. Students can expect some questions from this section for sure in the respective competitive exams.so practice it well and enjoy with good score you expect.
Computer Fundamental multiple choice Questions and answers

. Which one of the option is not shown in Control PANEL
  • Sound
  • Mouse
  • Display
  • My Account
. with reference to storage of data in computer, what is BYTE?
  • a byte considered as a unit of memory size
  • It is with which computer work and a group of binary digits or bits (usually eight) operated on as a unit.
  • It is 10 bits long
  • A and B both TRUE
. If a person knowingly or intentionally conceals, destroys or alters or intentionally or knowingly causes another to conceal, destroy or alter any computer source code used for a computer, spread computer viruses, which IT ACT consider it as offence according to Indian IT ACT?
  • Data Protection and Security ACT, 1997
  • Information security ACT, 1998
  • Information Technology ACT, 2000
  • Computer Misuse and cyber act, 2009
. Anupam - Ameya is a series of supercomputers designed and developed by____________ Institution
  • BARC
  • CSIR
  • TIFR
  • DST
. What is the name of first super computer which was developed by National Aeronautics Laboratories Bangalore?
  • PACE
  • CHIPP-16
  • MACH
. What is the full form of USB in Computer?
  • Universal security block
  • Universal serial Bus
  • Universal software Barrier
  • Universal stage Base
. Computer Monitor is also known as __________
  • DVU
  • VDU
  • UVD
  • CCTV
. Arrange sequence of computer memory in increasing order of their size
  • KB>MB>>GB>TB
. Which of the following is not TRUE?
  • Deleted files can be found in Recycle Bin
  • From Recycle bin, files can be restored
  • Disk Free space can be increased by sending files to recycle Bin
  • When pressing Right Click -> Empty recycle bin, it’s clear the files stored in recycle bin.
. Which one of the following is not Application software?
  • Windows NT
  • Page Maker
  • WinWord XP
  • Photoshop

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