Hello Friends,this section is specifically dedicated to those users who wants to get knowledge on Computer Fundamentals concept.Here we have included computer fundamentals questions and answers multiple choice MCQs. Students can expect some questions from this section for sure in the respective competitive exams.so practice it well and enjoy with good score you expect.
Computer Fundamental multiple choice Questions and answers

. Which option is used to get back the information immediately after deleting from the file?
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Copy
  • Paste
. Which of the following features is not seen in the WORD APPLICATION?
  • Data filter
  • Space Check
  • Word Count
  • None of the above
. Which of the following features is not seen in the EXCEL APPLICATION?
  • Goal Seek
  • Mail Merge
  • Filter
  • None of the above
. In key Board Control key is displayed with which name?
  • CTRL
  • ALT
  • PgDn
. In Computer IC CHIPS is generally made up of
  • Chromium
  • GOLD
  • Mercury
. The Powder used to print the character in LASER Printer is known as
  • Hammer
  • Printer Head
  • Toner
  • Laser Gun
. Which of the following is is a utility in Microsoft Windows designed to increase access speed by rearranging files stored on a disk to occupy contiguous storage locations?
  • Backup
  • Disk Clean up
  • Disk defragmenter
  • Disk Restore
. The process of taking the mouse at desired place is known as
  • Click
  • Double Click
  • Pointing
  • Dragging
. Horizontal line seen at the bottom of MS WORD is known as
  • Title Bar
  • Menu bar
  • Task Bar
  • Status Bar
. Operating System is which type of Software?
  • Application Software
  • System Software
  • Program software
  • User software

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