This set focused on Introduction to Internet and WEB Technology MCQs. These Questions have been already asked in one or more Competitive Exams.We have hand picked these Questions from the old Question Papers.

Introduction to Internet and WEB Technology MCQs


. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards are
  • not universally available
  • essential for B2B commerce
  • not required for B2B commerce
  • still being evolved
. The main protocol for sending e-mail in the TCP/IP protocol suite is called _____
  • SMTP
  • SNMP
  • FTP
  • none of the above
. By an extranet we mean
  • an extra fast computer network
  • the intranets of two co-operating organizations interconnected via a secure leased line
  • an extra network used by an organization for higher reliability
  • an extra connection to internet provided to co-operating organization
. Electronic Data Interchange is necessary in
  • B2C e-Commerce
  • C2C e-Commerce
  • B2B e-Commerce
  • Commerce using internet
. To transfer an e-mail to a private network, we need to have a
  • mail router
  • mail gateway
  • mail agent
  • none of the above
. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) requires
  • representation of common business documents in computer readable forms
  • data entry operators by receivers
  • special value added networks
  • special hardware at co-operating Business premises
. In SMTP, the entity that is used to prepare the message is called the ________
  • MTA
  • UA
  • MA
  • none of the above
. World Wide Web
  • is another name for internet
  • world wide connection for computers
  • a collection of linked information residing on computers connected by the internet
  • a collection of world wide information
. In SMTP, the entity that is used to transfer the message is called the ________
  • MTA
  • UA
  • MA
  • none of the above
. In the destination e-mail address [email protected], _______ defines the local part of the destination
  • tttt
  • xxxx
  • yyyy
  • none of the above

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