Processor design

Overview of  CPU Design The operation or task that must perform by CPU are:   Fetch Instruction: The CPU reads an instruction from memory.   Read More »

Control unit design

To execute an instruction, the control unit of the CPU must generate the required control signal in the proper sequence. As for example, during the Read More »

Memory organisation

Concept of Memory   We have already mentioned that digital computer works on stored programmed concept introduced by Von Neumann. We use memory to store Read More »

I/O system organisation

Input/Output Organization The computer system’s input/output (I/O) architecture is its interface to the outside world. Till now we have discussed the two important modules of Read More »

Memory Management

Main Memory The main working principle of digital computer is Von-Neumann stored program principle. First of all we have to keep all the information in Read More »

Virtual Memory

Paging Both unequal fixed size and variable size partitions are inefficient in the use of memory. It has been observed that both schemes lead to Read More »