Variables In C++

Declaration of variables. C requires all the variables to be defined at the beginning of a scope. But c++ allows the declaration of variable anywhere Read More »

Operators In C++

Assignment (=): The assignment operator assigns a value to a variable.a=5;   This statement assigns the integer value 5 to the variable a. The part Read More »

Control Statements

IF – ELSE STATEMENT The complete form of the if statement is if(expression) statement else statement   where the targets of the if and else Read More »

Why OOP language?

Advantages of OOP languages are: (i) OOP introduces the concept of data hiding & data encapsulation, because of which user is exposed to minimal data, Read More »

Class Vs Structure

Class is a collective representation of a set of member variable and member function under one name. Structure is a collection of member variables and Read More »

Friend Function

It is a non-member function that can access the private members of the class to which it is declared as friend. According to OOP concept Read More »


Member functions: All the the declared functions and varibles are part of the class and hence members of the corresponding class. Those are declared and Read More »


One of the best feature that OOP provides is inheritance, where a new class can be constructed from an existing class. The class which is Read More »


Polymorphism Poly means many and morphism means form and this is a greek word.   In OOP function overloading and operating are example of polymorphism. Read More »

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